Today I realized that compilers are children, and must be treated as such. Generally, you might tend to expect a language to follow the same rules consistently, but oh how wrong you are, my sweet summer child.

I have a framework that I've been reusing across several personal Unity3d projects for a while, and all was well. This week, I was tasked with creating a PoC that combines a web app with Unity WebGL for data visualization. My framework has a ton of useful stuff helped me create the PoC very quickly, and all was well.

Come 3 days ago and there's one last piece that isn't working for some reason. It almost appears that this one bit of code isn't executing at all. Today, after countless hours of swearing at the computer and banging my head against the wall, I realized that the WebGL compiler has a different implementation for the method that checks assignability of types. An implementation that has different rules than everything else. An implementation that has no documentation about this discrepancy anywhere. I have no words.

tl;dr: The language changed the rules on me. Fuck me right?

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