Recently I have started working with a company with a codebase older than I am. Hundreds of different projects with GoTos everywhere, and all error handling rendered useless by the continuous use of On Error Resume Next.
I feel like a mixture of Indiana Jones amd Gordon Ramsay...

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    If I saw "vb6" in any job description or project, I'd run a mile.
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    @AlmondSauce actually, it wasn't in the description. I started as a web developer I have ended up being some sort of "all terrain" developer on my company. One day I have to maintain some WebForms code, another I have to develop an Angular application, and the next I have to port a nightmarish vb6 codebase to net.
    Don't get me wrong, I actually do enjoy using different technologies and getting outside if the boundaries of my confort zone, but whenever I see practices such as the overuse of On Error Resume Next - which I would have preferred that it had never existed to begin with. I get really upset (-. - ||)
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