I think I may need a second graphics card. Not because of the performance but because I want to use more than 4 displays...
Damn first world problems!

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    You want more distractions? I had 3 monitors at work, and was more distracted than ever. Went back to just my laptop screen, no mouse. Trained myself to use all keyboard shortcuts, and virtual desktops. My productivity has increased. I walk past coworkers with their multiple monitors and everyone has on one of their screens dedicated to a youtube/netflix show.
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    > everyone has on one of their screens

    > dedicated to a youtube/netflix show.

    People have no self discipline these days !
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    As someone with 4 monitors, you may find it harder in practice than you might imagine.

    You may need specific adapters to connect your monitors, specific graphic cards with particular connectors as against the same model graphic card from another manufacturer.

    You may find card X and Y don't get along well in your PC, or your OS.

    You may find it works best with certain monitors connected to certain cards.

    For example I have:

    GTX 1060 6Gb running my 50" 4k screen via DP and a HDMI converter. (HDMI to HDMI just doesn't work correctly..)

    The other card, a GTX 750 Ti 4Gb runs the 23" A4 touch screen, the 22" and the 19" via a mixture of HDMI, DVI-D and DVI-I connections.

    Choosing the right resolution helps to avoid windows getting stuck when you drag them across from one to the other.

    Also, only the main screen will show things such as volume control..

    When W10 wigs out
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    The next problem you will face is you can't fit more monitors because you can't afford a bigger house, and the walls literately stop you adding more !
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    You may need additional cooling in your PC (Or like me, just take all the case covering off and add extra fans..), you may find it blocks some PCI slot you was thinking of using for something else..

    You may need a bigger UPS..

    You may need deeper pockets to pay for the ever rising electricity costs..

    Here prices went up 50%+ last month !!!

    As such, I choose for efficiency there.
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    @Nanos lack of self-discipline is a character flaw. However, more than 3 screens seems overkill.

    Depending on what one does multiple monitors can come in very handy. E.g. 1. source, 2. documentation, if web you can easily view live reload by simply turning your head ever so slightly.

    Anything else seems like nothing more but entertainment.
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    To me, all they do is just give me more real estate.

    I could do with a whole wall of monitors, well, actually 3 walls would be good..

    Just earlier I had about 100+ browser tabs open when I was researching something, now if I could just have 100 monitors it would save switching between tabs !

    You can never have too much screen space.

    Unless you never have more than 4 windows open at once, you don't need more than 4 monitors. :-)
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    I might do this to some of my spare walls..

    Seeing how I can't afford a wall of monitors, or the electricity to run them all !
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    @Nanos Bruh do you have a PHD in Monitor technology? Because you wrote like six novels about this issue!?
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    I just know a little about many things, mostly.

    Related link:

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    @Nanos Interesting! Btw: Did you know it is illegal to lick doorknobs on other planets!
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    It wouldn't surprise me. :-)

    I like elliptic doorknobs myself, otherwise they can be troublesome to turn if you have wet hands if they are too round.

    Handles are nice, unless they stick out, and then you catch the sleave of your shirt, or belt in them too easily on the end.
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    @nnee You can still only see one thing at a time, swapping between virtual desktops is faster than turning your head.
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    I generally only move my eyes. :-)

    I can't link things together so easily unless they are all in front of me at the same time.

    I would find flipping between pages of a book, distracting !

    As such, I'm a big fan of ring binders.
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    @Nanos I was hoping you would respond with: You can't type one one virtual desktop while looking at another virtual desktop.
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