For the people that got a bachelor degree. What was your bachelor thesis about?

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    @rutee07 I would have expected an electro-mechanic, software controlled asshole widener that maximises the product of pain and time until death.
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    A fitness web app using an algorithm of data mining for a personalized data output.
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    I never got mine, but I did do a project in college, I studied the reasons why people visit sex shops.

    This involved two of us having to stand outside one all day and ask customers coming out of the shop questions.

    Being male I asked all the females, and my friend being female asked all the males.

    If I was going to do one today, I'd want to know the optimum amount of water needed to flush poo away, since modern toilets have reduced the water amount to levels below that which is necessary and people have to more often flush twice, causing even more water use !

    Height is also a factor, if you move the cistern higher up, that can help. (But not all toilet designs allow that these days..)

    Then there is the issue of the refill mechanism with modern valve openings being too small and easily clogged with dirt in the water !
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    @Nanos good one 😀
    By using pressurised flush you could save a lot of water.
    Testing might be unpleasant.
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    New toilet issue:


    > Most MASSIVE poop ever won't flush!!!



    > Johnson Bros low level toilet

    > converted to high level.

    Or maybe toilet designers could actually test them well in advance..

    How hard can it be !

    Related link:


    > Testing the Newest Low Consumption

    > Toilets | Ask This Old House

    I wonder what their toilets are like..

    I guess unless they test with real poop, the tests aren't good enough !
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    Path tracing of complex light sources (chandeliers etc.)
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    You guys had a thesis for your Bachelors degree? 🤨🤨🤨
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    @monzrmango Yes. It's normal in belgium for every bachelor thesis.
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