It's Saturday cleaning time! Anyone has suggestions for new key caps?

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    @rutee07 I curiously already tried and it sucks 🤣
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    But.. but how do you remember where they’re all supposed to go back?!
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    @badcopnodonuts Like there aren't photos of the same keyboard on the Internet even if you don't remember for some reason...
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    @badcopnodonuts easy, judging by the two keys that are separate in the top right alpha-numeric region it should go like this:

    Top row: esc, f1 - f12
    2nd row: ~ 1-0 - =⬅️
    3rd row: tab qwertyuiop [ ] \
    4th row: caps asdfghjkl ; ' enter
    5th row: shift zxcvbnm , . / shift
    6th row: ctrl super alt space altgr super fn? ctrl
    special keys ltr top-down: prtscr sl pbr ins home pgup del end pgdn
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    I guess it is not easy to pronounce "qwertyuiop", "asdfghjkl" and "zxcvbnm" in English but in Slovak it is really easy because we pronounce things exactly the way they are written and vice-versa.
    So... example: when you say A in english we would write: ej
    B: bí
    C: sí
    D: dí
    E: í
    .... and so on, so our A is just /a/ while your A is /eI/
    (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...)
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    I think you cleaned a bit too hard
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    @bytecode @kamen I was being facetious. Googling is skill 1 when it comes to being a dev... 🙃
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    You clean them every sunday?
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    @FelisPhasma I wish because my key caps are white. I clean them every month.
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