Which of you developers are also obsessed with anime/manga?

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    Currently obsessed with my own anxiety-related hair loss. Does that count?
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    @rutee07 alright, here's a short info on what you can do:
    Google for hair masks with eggs in them, and pick one you like, make it and use it.

    Also the rice water thing (google it) reduces the rate of loss to an extend, if nothing else.

    Drink lots of water, condition your hair well, wear a hat in sun, and massage your head and scalp before going to sleep.

    I hope the summary of my research would help you too.
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    @rutee07 don't buy it, make it. They're easy and cheap and natural. (maybe has more good shit in it?) like just egg yolk and yogurt. Or egg yolk and olive oil.
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    @rutee07 somebody also said coconut oil helped them. I can't stand the smell of it, but you may want to try it.
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    I can't stand it, personally. But I know lots of devs who *are* into it, so it certainly seems to be a thing.
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    @AlmondSauce can't stand it either. A particular friend of mine is really obsessed with it, to the point of not paying attention to things he should pay attention to, and instead reading manga or watching anime.
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    @NoMad @rutee07 I can confirm that coconut oil works very well for hair health.

    I can also confirm that the smell sticks and you can't get it off without also washing off most of the stuff that benefits your hair :/ so I ended up using it as a sort of short term thing just before some event where I needed to not look like a hobo with a long tangled mop on his head.

    I've also been told that milk works well too, but I've never tried it (too messy) and I don't quite trust the person who told me that so yeah.

    Sounds cliche but what fixed my hairfall in general was forcing myself to eat healthy and sleep properly. Or I guess these helped, can't really draw causation that easily.
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    Back to anime, black clover keeps getting better and better
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    Well, I am. What else should I do when my piece of shit is compiling my mucht too huge projects. Reading one or two pages makes my work flow more productive by motivating me to finish the fix fast to build again and read another page.
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    Manga. I’m not a fan of when the animators take over and/or ignore the original manga material in general. I only like watching anime that stick to the manga. Seven Deadly Sins and Assassination classroom are great examples because if they do make changes it’s very small or just cut stuff out that isn’t as important. While Dragon ball super has a special case because the original Manga artist/writer writes the story, highlighting parts that need to happen and all the new characters etc but let’s them go about it how they want. And does the same with the guy that draws the manga and he kinda does his own thing too its interesting
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    One punch man
    Attack on Titan
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    @NoMad Me 2. Ever since I moved in college 2 years ago, I have lost 80% of my hair. Might have to change my avatar soon. :(
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    devRant - where threads about Anime quickly turn into threads all about hair loss and stress.
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    @kescherRant thread highjacking is a thing 😜
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    i'm not
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