Do other industries have their own rant apps?

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    @flake We could have smiles category. Try turning the ship around?

    "Aren't all OSes great? It's wonderful to have so much choice."

    "I love changing languages to suit the needs of the task."

    Wouldn't be hard.
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    It won't be funny tho. And also, it wouldn't be sarcastic and grown up and offensive, which are things you come across in dR so often.
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    I mean, if recruiters and telesales people don't have rant apps then where have we gone wrong?

    I guess you just have to be a sociopath to be in those businesses.

    But, cleaners... They are normal people. Must be a shitload of stuff to rant about in their business. I guess they are too busy working.
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    @platypus I also vote for cleaner rant! 🙋🏽‍♀️
    And doctor rant! (which is going to be disgusting for most but whatever!)
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    Yes. Doctor rant. They have the dark personality to make it work too.

    Mind you, you probably can't go ranting about patients---even anonymously. Press would latch onto that and cause a shitstorm.
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    "I saw the most disgusting genital wart yesterday. And OMG---the stench!"

    Dunno how much of that one could read each day.
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    TeacherRant must exist somewhere. Or is that just called "The Staff Room"?
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    I wonder if the pornography industry has a community for ranting. That would be an interesting read.
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    Yes, and I'm in thousands of them. :-)
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    @NonImportant- Would it be interesting, though? Seems like there are very few variations on the basic theme.

    "Got fucked by a right arsehole again. This business is shit. Oh, Arch Linux FTW."

    That's pretty much how it would go down...

    Memes would be fucking amazing though. We'd need a filter to hide the rants and just show the memes.
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    You do learn a lot.

    Did you know for example that modern plastic sewage pipes tend to rot in the ground and no one knows why..

    Whilst piping made from hollowed out tree trunks lasts hundreds of years !

    And that people leave messages on top of communication towers in little notes such as "Snippet was here."

    And that putting an air-line up someone's bottom really does kill them and isn't just a work prank..

    Or one of the ways ships solve the problem of difficult staff is to throw them overboard..

    And that the way they deal with bunkers in wartime is to weld the doors shut and cover them up..
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    @Nanos This is what porn actors discuss? So, they ignore the job, basically.
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    I don't think I'm in a porn one..

    I do sometimes chat with webcam strippers.

    As I've moved around a lot, I can often talk about their local coffee shop.

    A bit like Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out from their conversation details, background images/etc., just where they are and if they are maybe local enough to me to ask out on a date. :-)
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    There's this joke:

    "Tech people have so many cool platforms like devRant. Why don't other industries have this?"

    — "Because we didn't build them any."
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    Wanna see a rant board from across other industries? Try: https://www.thelayoff.com

    Mix of trolls, pissed of employees, company PR writers, with slight hint of relevant information
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