I applied for software engineer in a software development firm. It clearly states in my resume that I am mainly a PHP developer in my current job. The company I applied for focuses on javascript frontend frameworks with Java Spring or node.js as backend.

The screening consisted of three parts; written exams, panel interview and the final interview. It lasted for a whole day, and when It's time for the final interview, the interviewer said that there are no slots left for trainee/junior level which is my level with 5 yrs experience in the industry.

I understand that this means that I will be trained with the technology that they are using so it will be an entry-level job but I submitted my resume several days ago and they didn't reviewed it first before making me attend the screening. I just wasted my time with this! They could've said from the start that they are not looking for people that do not have any experience with this technology/framework.


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    New technology or not, 5 years of experience means 5 years of experience.
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    @rantsauce bullshit I've seen huge differences between 5 years of experience and 5 years of experience in our candidate screenings. Some are line workers close to one trick ponies for 5 years and some are all over the place.
    The the tests should not be biased to the specific technology though unless it is so specialized that it will take to long to get up to speed.
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    @hjk101 that's not my point.
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    @hjk101 I also agree that tests should not be technology specific.
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    The written exams given to me were not technology-biased. There's abstract reasoning, reading comprehension and a bunch of programming problems I need to solve and I get to choose which language to use. And I also played Human Resource Machine, which was very entertaining and right when I got home, I downloaded it immediately.

    Then on the panel interview we talked about my previous job, experiences, etc. We also talked about technical topics, sure, but not something with a specific technology.

    Then on the final interview, they said that they couldn't afford training trainee/junior employees which they said that it was my current level.

    5 yrs experience and they said my current level was only junior.
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    @jurion There were no specific technology mentioned on the job description. And I already submitted my resume online before confirming my attendance for the screening.
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