Randomly one day, out of the blue:

Echelons: You now have Workspace, and it’s a requirement you use it. Make it successful because we paid and are paying a large dollar amount for it, and our competitors have reported success with it. We want email communications companywide eliminated by 50% within the first 60 days.

Management: Ok, excellent! We want to do XYZ.

Echelons: Nope, can’t do any of that.

Management: Ok, how about a, b, and c?

Echelons: Nope, nope, nope.

Management: Alright, let’s try 1,2, and 3.

Echelons: Nope, not possible.

Management: What can we do then? We need further direction at this point.

Echelons: One group for all departments, posts, and attachments only. PDF, .jpeg, .png files only. Everyone in the company must be registered within seven days and using the platform. Only mobile devices allowed.

Management: We have almost 10,000 employees, and the SSO aspect alone could take weeks and months.

Echelons: Insignificant as Facebook said it should be easy to deploy. Also, every post not created by admin will need to be manually approved and done so within 5-10 minutes after its submission 24/7, 365.

Management: Ok, solved. A little shaky, but it’s working. Can we increase the number of admins and moderators?

Echelons: Only 1700 employees have registered; the app has been up 14 days now? What’s wrong? Where’s the engagement? Effective immediately, all members of management must be creating and starting 4 to 7 posts daily, including weekends.

Management: Our registration process with the SSO client isn’t smooth and clean across all devices. We had to implement training to overcome this. Can we increase the number of admins and moderators? Can we make all members of management either administrators or at least moderator? Can we at least turn on live streaming and video formats?

Echelons: No! 10 admin and mods max. Yes to streaming and video.

Echelons: Progress update, please. Include ROI timeline and impactful usage data. This must to pay for itself in the first six months and continue to pay for itself long term, along with showing XYZ company-wide growth quarterly.

Echelons: Hello?

Echelons: Hello?

Having Workplace shoved down your throat has been an interesting experience. Anyone have any exciting ideas or examples to share on what they have utilized with Workplace and increased employee engagement?

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    Seriously? Are businesses seriously considering uploading their internal information to that FshitBhole???
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    Sorry, post over five minutes old. Cannot edit. I put Workspace but meant Workplace. Sorry.
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    @netikras That’s whole other aspect which I did not cover. Yes, employee details are shared for SSO but very minimal. Assigned number and email.

    The content is hosted on Facebook’s servers hence why each post must be moderated by trained, but small team. Replies are allowed without moderation which, once again, is a whole other story.
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    What's this Echelons?
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    @CaptainKirk You should do a repost with the name corrected.
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    @cst1992 Ah, it was a rant anyways.

    I have no clue why I keep referring to it as Workspace. Even told myself not before my post. Lol

    I used Echelons because there are many titles above that encompass the group involved as a whole. Didn’t want to use the specific title for that group we use internally.
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    Only 10 admins/mods on 10k employees? Good luck lmao
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