I'm just a piece of carbon dumping all the money away that was earned by hard work by my parents and other elders of the family....

Help me
I'm dying (well everyone is... but I'm a piece of shit)

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    how can we help you?
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    Depending on how you look at it, we're all pieces of shit.
    Every carbon atom in our body was at one point or another part of a piece of feces.

    Convoluted way of saying; don't be so hard on yourself ;)
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    @netikras no one can help someone who can't focus on his work and waste all his time

    I fucking need to get myself on the right track
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    @HisAxelency idk
    If I don't be hard on myself now, I will be at the loss later

    Like now... I fucking just need to debug my code and there will be a paper out of it... But man did I touch it since past 4 days? No!
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    Multiple income streams
    Long term investments

    The are better places to look for wealth than working for someone else.
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    there's a lady gaga song that mentions her being on the right track, "Born this way", does this help?
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    @jesustricks will check it out

    @real-jase well I guess that's what keeping me alive

    @Root I am not working for anyone
    I'm a university student as of now
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    Aaahhh, a student :) I've worn your shoes once.

    It's a period. You'll finish, it'll pass. Structure your time spendings rather strictly, follow the same pattern. Doing your hw is important, but giving your head a rest keeps you motivated. Find a balance and live by it

    at least that's what worked for me. I still haven't saved amounts of € my parents have spent on my studies. But I'm getting there :)
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