I've been reading more books. The more I read, the more knowledge deficit I feel I have. It's an impostor syndrome circle.

One day death might free me from this misery but until then *opens another book on another programming paradigm.*

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    yeah, and tags are comma separated. You should read THAT on the text box.
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    Haha it was the same for me. I somehow came to the conclusion that I will first focus on the things I will always need. So I read many books about architecture and practices. Those topics are always applicable to any language framework and such. Other topics like specific languages are easier to learn by using them. That's at least what I do.
    The cool thing is that regarding software architecture I don't have imposter Syndrom anymore since I really know more than probably all my colleagues. In other things it's still there sometimes.
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    That's not impostor syndrome, that's a natural concequence of learning. People that dont feel stupid are stupid
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