Got the task of researching the upgrade for an angularjs site with 300 components to newest version.
3 days in still no clue how to take on this Problem.

Frustrated af as I have to come with a proposal till Friday

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    @noogli have you looked at this guide?


    It's not an easy upgrade unfortunately, because Angularjs and Angular are really two different beasts. It'll be worth doing though. I've used both and Angular is far superior to angularjs IMHO.
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    @nibor sure that's true. I've worked with all the versions. This ist just a lagacy project. The problem is that we use gulp to bundle the app, also using controllers also Multiple libraries and a whole lot of other angularjs specifics.
    Main thing is that usually a controllers has 10 injections that would make around 3k imports to define through the app.
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    You might be better off looking for an opportunity to rewrite the project from scratch. Probably will turn out better than trying to incrementally upgrade.
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