Stages of learning angular js
1. Wtf
2. I think I get it.
3. Wtf

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    That's not tru unless u learn angular 1.x. Go to 4 it's really dope
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    I couldnt even bring angular 4 quick-start to life. 🤓
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    Once you understand scope im angular everything gets easier
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    I am currently between 1 and 2.
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    Stages of learning React:
    1. wow
    2. wow
    3. wow
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    You forgot to mention the longest step:
    Step 0: decide to use Angular or React or Vue or Meteor or Ember or jQuery or Backbone or Batmobile or Spongebob or Naruto or Cheetos
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    @kudamalam all of those are different tools 😂😂😂. Though true, a hammer or a mallet..mhmm
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    More like:
    1. Wtf?
    2. Oh, I think I understand.
    3. I can build a basic to do list.
    4. I can build a solid a....
    ... 5. Angular 2 is out.
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    Well tbh angular 1.x yeah... The mystery box that kept on giving.. but angular 2+ has been mostly intuative... (Mostly)
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    Am I the only dev in the world that never had a hard time with Angular.js? I find it really easy to use and grasp. Their API is very well documented, I hardly had to read any tuts, save for third party libraries on Scotch.io but really?
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    Triple plus. I was thinking about this this morning. I intentionally choose not to memorize how to work with Angular 1.x because after resolving each stupid gremlin I remember thinking, yeah, this was way too over engineered. Like let's take the fun of memorize trig formulas and put that into code.
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    @nicholai you're not alone. Directives scared me at first until I spent a day with it, and realised it was just misunderstood. Aren't we all?
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    @ronakkaria right? The only counter-intuitive thing I stumbled upon is the symbols for specifying data bindings. Like. They couldve been words like evaluate, one and two, but again, the docs are clear on usage
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    @nicholai I thought transcludes were pretty tricky (when you want to do something complex.. can't remember what now. Been long since I used it). But that's fair enough.. it's a feature of the framework you'll rarely use.
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    Is it better to start from angular 2? Or maybe 4? Idk angular 1 is a bit messy for me
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    @wOnzky yea whatever the latest is.. why would you use angular 2?
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    Thanks! That make sense :) I'll check out lastes ver
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    What I see is "ng-" which means "not good".
    4. Wtf
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    Try Angular 5 to 6....

    More wtf.... !!!!!!!!
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    I had the same impression with nativeScript Vue:

    _ cool stuff

    _ wow

    _ wtf

    _ [ I started to learn React ]
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    @the224 really?

    I use AngularJS and it's quite ok.

    I'm curious about the more recent versions...but they're very similar to React
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    @tiuscia it's totally different
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