About 8 years ago I had a choice, go developer or system administrator. I chose developer and never looked back.

Then I've spent the last week or so - on and off - perfecting a Boxstarter script to setup our Software Developer laptops, right down to the Visual Studio Code extensions and Visual Studio Code Standards.

Boot up a new computer, join it to the domain and start the script. It's therapeutic to watch.

I actually enjoyed it... am I a closet system administrator?

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    Don't forget that "DevOps" is a thing.
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    Actually, if you aproach system administration with the mindset of a software developer the two are extremely similar.

    However, if you go into software development with the mindset of a system administrator you end up making the Mechanical Turk.
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    It's getting worse...

    I now added the script to version control with a small bootstrapper on our network which let's you chose what type of system (dev or admin) you want based on the folder structure of the latest master branch.

    Send help.
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