Any game devs here?
If so what engine do you use.

Currently I make from scratch and I'm looking to expand to 3D games. Unity seems like a good choice. (Platform: Windows, C# or Java)

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    I used to work in Microsoft's XNA pretty good if you're a game programmer. Unity is more of a complete game engine than XNA though.

    I started creating an easier version of XNA in Java but I never finished it because I had no testers. Sad days
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    @ChappIO Funny you say that when I said from scratch I was thinking about monogame and XNA.
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    @Pgdevpatryk ah okay, wouldn't call that from scratch but it is definately more low leven than unity.
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    I'm getting into Unity.
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    Using Unity here
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    Unreal Engine here. Still learning it though. 😃
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    Ive used Unity and Ogre3D.
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