Hi So I need some solid advice from you all wonderful people.
I think i am now ready to look into job side of this world, but have lots of doubts , read my story.
I have been learning android for last 2 years. Most of the time i have been trying to understand how stuff works in android , but i have also gained a few other skills ( python programming, kotlin/flutter basics data analysis basics, testing, some graphic designing, aweful web dev ,etc). But i really want to work with Android. I don't have any specific Salary figure in mind, but i guess my knowledge is better or atleast par with most of the good android developers.

So i want to know how is this fresher/placement thingy work?
1.) GETTING KNOWN? : How can i make some good android based company aware that I am available for hiring? Should i start emailing every android related company that i know of? Should i start listing my profile on recruitment sites like linkedin or internshala? This year it is being said that companies will come for placements. From the status of my college, they are going to give me way to less $ , nd i know am not going to like any of them, but i guess i have to sit for them too.

2.INTERVIEW OR DIRECT PLACEMENTS? A little pre-context: i am currently starting my 4th year in clg. Afaik , 4th year isnt that strict and their can be leniency in terms of attendance. But my college is a place full of political cun*s in the name of directors and HODs and I don't know if they are again going to enforce the old 75% mandatory criteria. Plus if the company is from a different state/country , then my attendance would definitely not suffice.
So mainly i am unsure if somehow a company hires me, i would be able to start immediately. I heard that there are interviews for job recruitment after which the candidate is binded with an agreement to do some months training followed by permanent working after college completion.
This type of agreement is very much suitable for me, since from what my friend tells me, trainings can be lenient and understanding regarding exam preparations nd stuff.

So what do company usually chooses? Binding a fresher on immediate working basis or do they consider graduate completion?

Also, i suck at competitive coding. Do i need to polish myself on that or some company is willing to give me chance on the basis of my other skills 🙈(okay, no kidding , that's a serious question. I need to either work on getting better in competitive or build more apps based on that)

3.) ANDROID OR EVERYTHING? From what i have heard, working as a professional fresher is more like being an allrounder than being a domain specialist. But as i already stated, i really dig android and that's no small framework. I may di other stuff too, but won't interest me nd my output might be less efficient than expected.
So freshers can really be asked to do any stuff? Or can i still be in the area i like being into?

4.) COMPANY OR START-UP? Yeah, this is a general debate starter. Ignoring the business side of the conversation ( job safety vs more salary, experience, etc) the thing that's most important for me is the presence of a team. I want someone to assign me a task, whose vision i could follow, from whom i could learn, and some other people who are supportive and doing the same amount / similar work that am doing . This is so much import8 for me that i can easily ignore other factors for a better team. I once took a call from a startup ceo who hired me, a 2 month old android beginner at that time, as the "lead android developer"
But if am being on a team where i am supposed to do any random stuff that is assigned, then obviously this whole point of "visionary, helpful leader, guiding team, "etc goes moot

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    Mistake number 1:

    Assuming that people here are wonderful
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    Ok, that's a massive wall of text.

    First off, 2 years experience in something isn't considered a lot, and I wouldn't expect to get hired in any position other than an intern or junior position. I highly suggest looking for internships in any programming field while you're in college, then once you graduate try to go full time.

    I wouldn't set your sights on Android only development. It may happen, but so often we find ourselves moved into an unknown language/framework/platform only to find we prefer it. Your primary selling point shouldn't be 2 years of Android dev. It should be a problem-solving mind that can adapt as needed and develop supportable software.
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    @nathanasius Nice info, thanks for it.
    So you are saying, that it is clearly possible that i might end up doing work in another language/framework/technology and i may even like it.

    But i have my mind set up for working with Android only, atleast until i am very good in it, is this a big thing to ask for? My sir used to say that we only get better in making apps when we make a lot of apps. And tell me, even if i accept the fact that this new framework/tech/language might be interesting and we cannot reject it before actually working on it, won't you be more proficient in a thing that you have worked with in all your clg life than a new thing? And most ppl find this as false, but won't your knowledge in that field deteriorate?

    I guess the companies prefer the fresher to be more flexible. Anyhoo i must try to get better in problem solving , i guess
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    It's true that it's better for you to work on one thing and get proficient with it, but as a newbie with very little experience, you don't always get to call the shots on what you get to work with. As the saying goes, beggers can't be choosers.

    You may end up finding a job working with Android, but you're limiting your options significantly if you refuse any other position.
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    The truth is you have a long road ahead of you. Programers are not defined by being a domain expert, instead you are a problem solver. And honestly as any good dev will tell you, once you know a few languages you've seen them all. Right now you want as much experience as you can get.

    Definitely get a linkedin or similar, you never know what opportunity shows up.

    You can also browse any job/hiring sites for a position you might be interested in and send in your CV together with your expected position. Best if you can get an intern or junior position so you can learn a lot without too much pressure.

    Honestly, you can't go wrong, whatever you are thinking of doing is probably already the right way to move forward. Essentially "dress as what you want to be" in other words, sell yourself as an android dev, but dont pass an opportunity if it pops up.
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    @Hazarth thanks for your words, hazarth. Its just.. everything feels scary. I started with a dream of doing something big with technology, took a liking of some things , took a hating of some things and today i feel i have knowledge of tools that could help make world a better place.

    But suddenly every senior, every teacher, evey random person on the internet says my knowledge and my likings are all useless and won't be considered when getting a paycheck, i will be only doing "what is asked of me hate or love it", and this makes me sad
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    @Linux I don't know about others but i know that you definitely are awesome 🤘
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    @TitanLannister It's not all that bleak. You just have to start somewhere, anywhere. I think most people here went through the process of finding what sounds like a dream job just to find out they ended up doing something else entirely and found out they do actually still enjoy it. I know I did and you should be ready that it might happen and its normal. You just need to start somewhere, because one you gain enough experience, not only in coding but also in just business in general you'll be able to make better decisions later. Chances are you are not the next Elon Musk. And if you are it will come natural to you
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    What Im trying to say I guess is that treat life with respect and it will respect you back ;) no worries
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