Two days ago I wrote the deployment instructions. 5 lines. I sent them to the devops four days before the release (two days before usual).
A colleague of mine leashed out and had me send another message to say to ignore my instructions because they "generated too much entropy" he is releasing too his application and we should create a single instruction file. Okay, I see no reason to do that nor how that helps the devops. A longer file is not easier to understand than a smaller one.
Today the devops deploy our application. They make a backup of the new files and promptly overwrite the original copies with the files from production.
I lost 3 hours today. My colleague is refusing to communicate the error properly to the devops and I have a meeting in 20 minutes. I love my job.

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    Isn't the point of devops to get the developers to do the ops? O.o
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    @irene that kinda describes what I do...

    But it's true though
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    @irene no, I write the scripts. They change the name in the template that launches my script. And supervise the systemist who copies the files of the deployment package.
    Because deployment scripts are hard. XD
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