So, I got a recall notice for my car today. Because of brake problems? No. Because of air bag issues? No. Because spontaneously combust while hurtling down the freeway? No. Because the software developers pushed out buggy code. My car is being recalled for a software bug! I kid you not.

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    Tl;Dr - 10,000 global variables, shoddy error checking flying spaghetti monster if code caused a Toyota to accelerate even when foot and hand brake were applied.

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    nice, I got an airbag recall. ford says there's nothing they can do at the moment, just make sure you don't wreck cause you may have chunks of medal flying at you, they will send another letter when they have a solution.

    wish I could pull that kind of crap on critical bugs, and this recall is on both my cars btw
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    Dude, totally same with a Ford Focus. Apparently, someone could hack its software with an audio CD and control its steering. Neat.
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    @dovipas so that was the steering column upgrade they did, that is neat
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    And this is why I prefer older cars without as much shit controlled by shoddy software.
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    @LucaScorpion My favorite car of all time was a 1972 Citroen 2CV. It was the essence of simplicity. It may not have been fast, but it was fun to drive, and easy to maintain, and had a hand-crank for starting, when the battery was dead.
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    What car, if you don't mind my asking?
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    @zourtney 2016 Honda Accord. Great car, other than that recall.
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    @LucaScorpion yeah I have a 2011 ford fusion, 2008 ford fusion, and a 96 f150. I like my truck better than the cars but I can't get the parts to fix it anymore, damn thing is missing. older vehicles are easier to fix on your own, the newer ones you have to bring to someone cause of all the crap stuffed under the hood
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