So I've been working with this company for a few years. Great company, really is, very few problems. Recently, the intern on my team was offered a full time position that he will be starting January 2020. More recently, I found out that his starting salary is going to be about $500 more than my current salary. I just got a raise about a month ago. How do I go about addressing this? I don't really wanna leave this company, but on the other hand, I would kind of like having four years at this company respected a bit. I've done good work, I've been loyal. Hell, that raise about a month ago was my second this year. Don't know what's next.

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    Aahhh, greed and envy! 😁

    joking :) If the intern is at the same position as you are, it does seem unfair. Unless he brings something on the table you don't :)

    if he's in a different position, it might just be that his position is better paid for.

    Either way, it's just a bunch of IFs. Talk to your manager about your concerns :)
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