So a couple months ago, my dad called me to try and solve a problem he was having in his work.
You see, my dad owns a driving school and he was teaching 14 and 15yo kids how to ride mopeds and their theory exams are made in the school's facility, by going to this website of the entity that rules the moped teaching thing. When the time to have the exams came, they couldn't even see the exams and one of the kids had one of his attempts wasted (they had 3 attempts). We mailed and called the entity multiple times, to no avail, as they told us to "check the website, the instructions are all there". They were also trying to get it together but they couldn't. Here's the "funny" part: the software in which the exams were done ran on XP and there was no way in hell we could make it work on our W10 PCs. Not to mention this is a natiowide problem.
We reinstalled Java to v.7.9 (I think...?) as the "instructions" told us, with no results whatsoever.
So my dad decided to call me and asked me to bring a PC that didn't run W10. The closest thing to XP I could think of was my uncle's Toshiba, that had Vista, so I went to his house and grabbed it and drove to my dad's school. Even in compatibility mode, it didn't work. Everyone was in despair LoL. I was even put on the phone with the entity's technician, who didn't know how to solve it either but was trying, as well with our tech guy.
After a bit of running around and crying inside, our secretary remembered we still had a tower on site that ran XP. We went for the thing and connected it and booted it up. After reinstalling Java and setting security to "medium" (required), and meddling with zoom (the window was too small to show the whole exam and if the window showed up before we set the zoom to 75% or so we couldn't choose the answers) it was finally set to do the exams.
I've never felt so relieved for solving tech stuff LoL. It took me 3h to get it done and I feel it would have been easier if we had remembered about the tower earlier but oh well what can one do.

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    One word : Vm
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    Is this the record for longest rant
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    Just 2 of the most popular solutions: VirtualBox, VMWare...
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    Maybe an upgrade is needed. You or anyone should not have to go through this to take an exam. But congrats on getting it done.
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    @rookiemaverick @Meki I did thought of getting a VM to make it work but meanwhile I went home and it was the only thing I remembered to do at the time
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    @jw56578 nah I've posted a longer one, even had to trim it because it went past the 5K character limit XD I think I managed to have 0 characters left 😂
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    @Jumpshot44 Thanks. Well me personally didn't have to take the exam, I'm too old anyway, but the deal is that this is NATIONWIDE. Everyone is having this problem as everyone is getting better tech and they've let it at that. They're the ones at fault, they should just get it upgraded, they should have thought that if it worked on this OS, it would work on all of them
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