Is it just me or JavaScript on the browser really has become over complicated then it should be? It’s way overkill for the job that it’s supposed to do. Every time I hear about these new frameworks and I see the guys just loving it I cringe so hard, I want to say something then I stop because they are loving it sooo much. It’s a disaster I hate looking at the front end it’s a huge pile of fancy shit.

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    I totally agree. JavaScript in its current form with all the frameworks like angular/typescript etc are just horrible to work with.

    Give me a solid oo language any day even C on a bad day and I will be happy.
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    @bluescreen me too, I have totally switched to the backend.
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    Well you can go raw now more than ever before. HTML5, CSS3 and VanillaJS go a long way - even jQuery is off for retirement. And it's lightning fast if you do that.

    BUT! If you're making Big Shit (tm), you will find that this will give intermingled markup, styles and scripts, increasingly hard to maintain. That's why Big Shit companies like Facebook and Twitter came up with frameworks in the first place.

    Of course, they're overkill if you're just doing a smallish site. Just like a 40t truck is cool for hauling over a lot of crap, but less so for doing your weekly shopping.
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    Well dynamic webpages by design are crappy to work with and have to be fucked up even further to guarantee security
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    The thing is. For small apps you might be able to go by with very minimal Js. Jquery would do nicely for a lot of things.
    But more complex apllications require more complex environments to develop for. Users just don't want to download desktop apps anymore, good luck managing state in a large application keeping a good amount of sync with your backend.
    I cringe as well, but for devs that refuse to keep up.
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    @irene "good luck with that", child. The fact that you had failed before does not mean that I have ornothers have. I have been doing this for years without hitting my head against the wall like most of you seem to believe it happens. You know how? By knowing what I am doing. So no, it won't faill 100% of the time.
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