See if one more fucker turns to me and suggests I start a company to “Help with the smart border after Brexit” I swear to fuck I going to personally go to 10 Downing Street and stand in the cabinet and shout “Technology is not literal magic” until Boris Johnson finally gets it

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    But, you don't have to solve it with tech---just have a company that *says* it can solve it and pick up consulting.

    Oh, wait. Those companies already exist. Called things like "Accenture".
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    He gets it. But he is riding that wave of ignorance in order not to explain what he really wants to do.
    It's understandable, the problem is complex so it's not easy to explain possible solutions.
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    @Pickman It’s not actually that complex, any infrastructure is an infraction on the Good Friday Agreement, nobody with any good sense would touch that with a 50ft barge pole
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    @platypus Accenture have been all over my uni when it came to placements (along with a number of others)- I still don’t know what they actually produce 😂
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    @irene Don’t worry, neither does the British government and they’re supposed to be delivering it
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