The moment you'll start to feel dumb as a programmer.

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    When's the last time that actually happened
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    @jw56578 meh.. less than an hour ago. Trying to work with spark and python (trust me, it's not so sparky)
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    I don't consider myself to be an advanced programmer so for the time being there will always be someone that already asked my questions
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    If that happens, u will find a smart-ass fella who would come and mark it as duplicate and downvote u for not doing ur part in researching 😅
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    I'd actually feel smart about this since assuming you did your research before asking, this usually means you've adventured somewhere so unique nobody has asked about it before, and either by getting an answer and answering your own question you will be contributing to the world's Dev knowledge 😊
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    That dude has a SO quicksearch plugin for his IDE? Because that doesn't look like SO in a browser he's looking at.
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    @mano: that would be cool!
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    Try to search solutions for half an hour, then you decide to ask it by yourself, and after 14 seconds they mark it as duplicate
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    @crisz Or find the answer yourself while trying to properly formulate the question.
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