Resume read and review day! After going through nears as makes no difference 70 applications I have a grand total of 18 fuckwits who refer to themselves in the third person.

Julian has experience working with multi-disiplinary teams...

Danielle found her career path and professional purpose cultivating interests in digital communication...


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    I feel you.
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    That’s how a professional resume is “supposed” to read. Especially when it’s been done by a resume writer.
    I don’t like it but it’s the standard
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    @badcopnodonuts shouldn't it be more like
    > worked with multi disciplinary teams
    >Cultivated career in digital communications

    Third person, minus the name (fits first person too but without the "I")

    Or maybe it's just different at different places?
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    @RememberMe nope, that's how I was taught to do it, even by resume writers.

    -> achieved a reduction of manual processing by automation across the business

    -> competent with working over multiple projects concurrently

    -> Expertise in x, y, z

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    @C0D4 same here, and I'm guessing mine worked because I got through stuff with it.
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    @RememberMe well if it ain't broken, don't fix it 🙃

    I guess it depends on who's reading it and what they prefer, but most people are skimming through for key words and experience anyway.
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    @C0D4 indeed
    And mine were made for government/large companies/universities, where stuff has to jump out instantaneously because the person reading it has very little time. If it works there is guess it'd work anywhere. Plus I like the professional kind of feeling it gives, especially the "I'm not here to waste your time, here's what you need to know" kind of thing.
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    @badcopnodonuts it would be amazing to make others pay you for making them look like idiots to hiring managers. Ever wonder if those professional resume writers are giggling up a storm with every resume they "fix"?
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    @aspenscythe They’re so cookie cutter too I bet they’re laughing all the way to the bank also...
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