Ok so I'm am a black end kind of guy and have had to deal with making our site again and again and again and fu#@ing again.

Who the hell thought up using SVG icons. My first look at it today and I'm not sure if I hate it or love it. Any thoughts?

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    Man i dislike them, but only because I do not feel like taking up the time to read the entire repertoire of shit dedicated to just that y'know? There is just way too much shit regarding svg shit
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    Depends on the use case. As icons that aren't used that often and that are not really in a text it's pretty good. If it is used in text more often, then it's really painful to implement.
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    Wtf is black-end??
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    @netikras You don't want to know.
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    @netikras the *very* dark corner of the Internet.

    About the topic at hand, we use svg icons for about everything and I haven't seen a downside yet. It's a different skill set if you need to create them for scratch but other than that it's an icon you can scale and color at will.
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    @netikras it's wat would exist if IE and Safari had a baby raised by Edge
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    @netikras oops "back end", damn voice recognition plus not wearing my glasses.
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    Thanks everyone.a I'll push forward. One more damn thing to learn.
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    Use it inline, use it after trimming in svgomg online service, should be no problems
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    SVG rocks for larger stuff, but not for small icons. Whenever there is a line that after all the math doesn't happen to be exactly on a physical pixel line, it looks blurred.

    Granted, high res displays hide that effect somewhat, but it's still bad enough.
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