So the guy I replaced as the senior dev on my project (because he was lazy) is now trying to give me advice on how to cleanup my code.... This is the motherfucker who blatantly copies and pastes from one library to another and pushes the code without doing ANY testing and so I had to spend many weekends cleaning up his pile of shit code, and now I have 3 new tickets labelled 'style updates' that he wants me to merge in.... Fuck him, I'm not merging his code

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    Ah come on! Where is your empathy? You should listen to this guy because he was a senior devops 😂

    Seriously a shitty revenge this guy is doing.
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    @Mishimoto I'm sorry I can't trust him.... Apparently the changes *are* all minor stylistic things but the last time I needed him to implement something he fucked me over by pushing broken code right before a release.... I don't have time to check every feature someone writes up, so especially before a release I depend on the people under me to do some minimal unit testing to ensure that what they wrote works as intended
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    Also... If the guy didn't have the technical competence I'd be more forgiving, he's technically brilliant but extremely lazy and that's what pisses me off
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    Deny every commit that is not covered by unit tests.
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