<senior dev turns around..making some small talk about the weather and such.. then>
Senior Dev: “Yea, I’m wanting to take my hard drive out of my desktop and put it in my laptop”
<I know his personal laptop is an older 13.3” dell>
Me: “You have a 2.5” laptop drive in your desktop computer?”
<gives me a very puzzled look>
Senior Dev: “Um…no.”
<second or two of awkward silence>
Me: “Well, a desktop hard drive isn’t going to fit in your laptop.”
<gives me another very puzzled look with a touch of annoyance>
Senior Dev: “It might work.”
<senior dev turns back around>
Why the –bleep- do people talk to me!? Now the rest of the day all I want to do is take his computer away from him…poor thing…that little guy has no idea what his owner wants to do to him .

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    Perhaps he wrongfully refers to an SSD as a hard disk and what we have here is "A failure to communicate".
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    @avstuff I really wish that was the case. He's talked about wanting to upgrade his desktop to an SSD (he's a gamer, and waiting till the prices come down on the larger capacity SSDs) and I know the laptop only has a 128GB SSD (he's complained about running out of space). What made the discussion so frustrating is he'll often brag he use to build computers. I am in no way a hardware expert, but how the -bleep- do you not know a standard spinning desktop hard drive will not fit in a laptop case?
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    @PaperTrail Yeah. That's just not gonna work. Also, now I am just confused why they would want to replace an ssd, in a laptop, with an hdd. Even if the capacity is needed. Just use external media or bite the bullet and get a larger ssd. High cap prices are not unreasonable these days. I just can't fathom going back to spinning storage after being on an ssd.
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    He's a senior dev ik he's getting paid why not just buy a new drive Lmao. It'll take him 5 seconds to realize why the desktop hdd won't fit when he looks at it
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    Stick it in a USB cabinet and hot glue it to the back of the laptop screen - there I fixed it.
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    I know you can get a decent sized 2.5" SSD from Amazon or somewhere else for under $250.... I'm not sure why he doesn't just do that?
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    Meh, let him learn­čść
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