One of my colleagues tried upgrading his Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10... he had multiple issues getting the installer to run but got past it after a couple of hours troubleshooting.

He left for lunch when it got to 81% installed, and got back an hour later to find "Something Happened" proudly displaying on-screen.

He clicked 'okay' and it just started rolling back to Windows 7 with no explanation as to what happened, or even any error codes!

Thanks Windows!
As helpful as always!

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    You have no idea how much I hate Windows 10 yet love it at the same time. Why does it have to be so buggy 😭
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    @agentwolf44 they polished a lot of things in their anniversary update
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    Well it could have bricked his machine altogether, which it didn't. He's probably got an old as fuck PC. Do a clean install and move on.
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    @drRoss 2 year old win 7 laptop. He tried 2 more times and it eventually did work!
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    I don't get people who can't do something simple like that. Win 10 is not the issue; either the hardware has an issue, or the person using it has an issue. It's like people who can't manage automatic updates, or can't get out of VIM. Time for you to find something else to do.
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