Not even specifically for minecraft but for the live streams he did for the ludum dares, how he made up games from nothing just inspires me big time.

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    Loved watching Notch stare at his screen then frantically typing on his keyboard with pure genius.
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    unfortunatly as more as you learn about markus person, he seems to be an increasingly less likeable person. When he was just notch he was better
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    @BurnoutDV Agreed. He seems like a weird fella.
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    Notch is great
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    If you ever meet a genius who's not weird, gimme a call. You've just discovered a new species.
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    Weird is one thing. Markus after selling MC not only hasn't really done much, he also became petty and self absorbed. Let's also not forget that while MC was very successful, the idea wasn't really ever his.
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    @remove32 idc about minecraft. The livestreams were great, that's all I know.
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    @remove32 could you elaborate on that idea thesis you got there?
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    @nitwhiz Minecraft is essentially just infiniminer but more polished and fully featured. I don't mean to say that there wasn't work in making Minecraft but more that notch isn't necessarily some creative genius
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    @remove32 holy shit i did not know about this. Thanks for telling.(:
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