Friend who i set up server for calls me while im on work lunch calls me and it goes like this:
FR: Hey man you remember that server you setup for me ?
Yeahhh ?
FR: Well you see i did an update and now the code you wro..
Why the fuck did you do full upgrade on custom system ?
FR: Well the PHP server was versions behind
Well then update just PHP and the binaries you need or just do normal update not full upgrade to different version of system.
FR: Well OK anyways the parent tries to kill its own child.
WHAT ? Parent is trying to kill its own child ? WTF did you do ? The abort function was never supposed to run only when things are really really fucked up.
FR: Well shit
Well if parent kills its own child then we are screwed and you will have to restore the backup.
FR: Wellllllllllll last back up is from 2 weeks ago.
WHAT ? WHY ? i set it up to backup every day.
FR: Well yes but that was eating too much space so i made it to backup every 2 weeks.
You are an idiot you know that ?
FR: Sorry
OK i will clean up the mess you made when i come home.
*/Then i realized im on lunch with full room of non tech people/* Ah shit.

Then i had to explain to non tech people what is child and parent process in coding and how parent kills child in code.

And BTW the server got fixed. It was just that he updated few libraries too and well path changed in one of them so it coudlnt find it. Easy fix thankfully.

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