Spend half the day setting up a dedicated server at work (including getting all the hardware together) and installing CentOS and tweaking around.

For a client? Oh no, there just literally wasn't anything else to do and I didn't want to sit around doing nothing or working on shell scripts AGAIN. (working in support (+ linux server management) and due to the holidays hardly any support requests come in)

*Hmmm, lets install nginx for fun*
"yum install ngi..."
*wait, let's compile from source and make it more fun!*

So yeah, that was my day, I guess.

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    In which @linuxxx plays with himself
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    I spend my whole day learning Ruby On Rails and remembering why I hate webdev.
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    If you're looking to compile a ton of stuff, have a look at Linux From Scratch.
    I just finished my LFS build, it's pretty damn cool, and I think you'd really like this as someone who appreciates privacy/security and the freedom to customize/choose stuff. Also it's quite straightforward.

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    At days like this I go through my shell scripts and rewrite them to not use grep, awk, sed, tr, wc and similar ones :)

    and if I'm still bored - I tweak them to not use any subshells for calling shell functions!

    That's fun too! Give it a try!
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    Working on my she'll scripts has become the highlight of my week most times. I spend too much time fixing user workstations and arguing with management to let me spend some money on software to get any real work done.
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