I just saw this: Choosing between React Native and Flutter

Well fuck both, each has its ups and downs but native is the only thing that keeps mind clear, and I'm happy to do double the work than wasting time fixing dependency shit (RN you little bastard) and having to clone an entire project just to add support for Bearer tokens because it is not yet supported by Google out of the box (Flutter -_-)

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    The annoying thing is that today 98% of the companies want it within like 2 weeks and "like the design x-competitor has" so it all boils down to shitty bloated apps with an annoying UX. There's a saying in my language - a tool that fits everything is a shitty tool.
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    @Ansis Exactly, it applies to everything in life but we are the poor ones that have to go through this :\
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    The only thing I dislike about Flutter so far is how dependent it is ob firebase... Sure you can use something else but the majority of code/tutorial is just using firebase...
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    What about Xamarin ?
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