First-world problem: my blueberries are rotten! I rescued enough for my daily portion of quark, and threw the rest out. WHY CAN'T THE SUPERMARKETS HAVE BLUEBERRIES THAT DON'T ROT IN LESS THAN A WEEK?

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    Yeah man, where have you ever heard about blueberries that wont rot after a week? Where do you keep them anyway?
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    Then what have we been doing agriculture for the last 10,000 years or so for??

    I'll bet it's just another form of planned obsolescence.
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    @Pyjong In the fridge, in the plastic bucket they came in. €4 for that shit? Really?
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    @SomeNone huh. Mmm still, sounds more like another-world problem.
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    @SomeNone The last 10000 minus the preceeding 50 years you

    - eat'm

    - dry'em

    - make jam

    - salt'em (OK, not really for blueberries, but humans are weird)

    - smoke'em (same as above)
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    Grow your own? :)
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    fruit that does not rot scares me more :D
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    Just eat walnuts instead.
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    Yeah, I know. Seriously fucked up.
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