-searching everywhere
-complicated algorithms
-almost there ...

My little sister: hey! Can you install this game on my tablet?
Me: no! I'm busy right now
Sister: mom!!...
Me: okay! okay!
<installation process >

What was I doing?...

That's how everything gets ruined :/

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    "mom!" is where you should've said "I'm in the middle of something right now. Later perhaps"
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    That's also how children get spoiled because they don't learn to take "no".
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    @kescherRant shame on me :(
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    Yeah I was a dick about this recently. I take everything back, because I haven't really thought this through yet. I don't know what strategy should I take on this. You have it harder, because you don't get to make a strategy, cuz mom says you have to stop working. So.. stay strong ;)
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    @R1100 Shame on you.
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    😦Yeah, just tell her come later please.... or before she calls "mom", you do that... when she comes and asks just call out your mom loud😂😂😂, just joking sorrry
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    @ImNewbie best strategy 👌
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