October 6 2016: I started learning C++. May all be well

P/s: any tips?

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    Find a good book. It's how I learned it. Try to find a modern one or one that has been updated to include at least C++11 so you can take advantage of newest features and libraries.


    And enjoy
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    Learn pointers and references, and you will be king.
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    I see that you've listed C and Java in your profile, so if you have actual experience with those basically C++ is a mash-up (Object Oriented of Java and the manual memory management/pointer fun of C)

    If you have any sizeable codebase/projects you've created in either language, figure out how to translate that code into C++. Note: while C++ compilers allow you to get away with pretty much straight C code, this is NOT recommended!! If you have C code and are trying to port it, Google "C++ for C developers" to get some tips. (Same for Java, although you clearly can't just write C++ as Java)
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    Use smart pointers to avoid memory leaks.
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    @ReturnVoid thank you very much. Really helpful tips
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