Oh Xcode

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    Are there two InputItem classes in different namespaces and xcode just omits the namespace?
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    Yeah I would like to see what you did and reproduce it 😄
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    As the suggestion is to insert a force cast, I assume you try to pass an optional value where a non-optional value is required?
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    Why are you converting them in the first place when it is already of type inputItem?
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    @Voxera nope. Just one InputItem class. The problem was with Xcode. A clean then build fixed this.
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    @Lensflare Haha. Try using the MessageKit library.
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    @Jere Wrong. I was trying to assign unwrapped values. Xcode was just being "Xcode"
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    @serverconnected Wrong assumption. I'm not trying to convert anything. Just trying to pass an array of unwrapped inputitems into a function.
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