I installed an ad blocker, less than three months ago, on my phone.

Experience has been great, but then I decided to check how many hosts it has blocked.

More than 100,000 queries blocked. All ads.

Seriously, what the hell? Why so many ads on the internet?

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    Because we don't want to pay to access pages.
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    Also, what ad blocker?
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    100k in 3 months? That's not even that much, it's ~100 queries blocked/day.
    Although I guess it's only blocking queries from your phone's browser, and not system-wide stuff, so it makes sense to only see smaller numbers.
    If you're ever up for a bit of tinkering, try setting up a pi-hole and get ready to see some much bigger numbers!
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    I have been testing AdGuard for 2 months and here is my status.
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    @endor 100*90 is 100k? you math is off...
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    @magicMirror welp, don't do math at 2am kids
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    Its not even that I mind adverts, I just don't want them tracking me.

    And as a side note, the algorithm is often wrong about my interests, anyway, since I find myself clicking more adverts when I can turn personalisation off purely because I get served more relevant adverts when they aren't trying to predict what I like.
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    @niush wait, ads consume *this much* data? Holy crap...
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    One day we will see ads in our dreams as well.
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