Use Maven, they said... it's better, they said... you don't have to manage dependencies yourself, they said...

...only now I've spent three days in hell trying to figure out why Maven keeps insisting on sticking INCOMPATIBLE JARs in my WAR that causes a breakage when deployed. No matter what I do it still sticks stuff in the WAR that shouldn't be there!

Like, I'm not a lazy cunt, I can manage my own dependencies! I know what's supposed to be there, oh, and by the way, everything fucking works when I build with Ant instead and I'm in full control of what winds up in the WAR.

So, basically, instead of the "hassle" of having to download JARs myself, I've now got the hassle of dealing with Maven trying to be more clever than me.

I know which I'd rather have, especially right now. ARGH!

You know, any time someone says "this is an industry-standard and that's why you should use it" my first thought is "hmm, which of these buildings is tallest and will ensure a quick death when I inevitably jump off of it?" MOST ESPECIALLY when the company just decides X is what everyone is going to switch to, regardless of what they're using now and regardless of how many YEARS it's been that way and working perfectly. Nope, doesn't matter, just get onboard the freight train, and if your productivity takes a hit, if you start missing deadlines dealing with shit you didn't have to deal with when using the "worse" tools, well, I guess that doesn't fucking matter, does it?!

And that's not even talking about the fact that the Maven build takes almost four minutes, which is just about 4x as long as the Ant build it replaced, each and every fucking time I make a change.

Look, I'm sure there are solutions and I'm sure I'll find them next week because I always do... and I'm sure there's some tweaking we can do to improve the performance... and it's not like this is my first go-round with Maven, though it's probably the most complex project I've ever tried to do with it... by my fucking dear god this is a nightmare, and it's not a nightmare of my choosing.

I'm disgusted, tired and defeated, three things I never get when it comes to technology. Congratulations Maven, you're on the verge of breaking someone who doesn't get broken. Another day like the last three and I'm not gonna need Stackoverflow, I'm gonna need a bus schedule so I can figure out exactly when to step off the fucking sidewalk!

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    Then.... please don’t do what they said.
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    @Biggy I wish that were an option. My company wasn't always like this but they've become VERY rigid in everything. There's a certain amount of standardization that's of course good (I'm not against the idea of standardizing build tools generally for example), but when you take it so far that nobody is allowed to do anything even a little different, PLUS you've got a serious case of Ivory Tower Syndrome coupled with fiefdoms all over the place and people intent on protecting theirs, well, things go downhill pretty quickly.
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    @fzammetti Fuck Maven. I hate its dependency hell guts.

    But you just need to visualize which of the jars you have imports the crap you don't need. Chances are - someone has them in the stupid ass pom file for one of your modules.
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    @magicMirror Agreed and thanks, that's exactly the exercise I'm going through. For whatever reason though, it's non-obvious, and this project has a stupid number of dependencies so it's nuts even with a visualizer.
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    I almost never had issues with maven. In fact i like the way how i can configure it in a elegant autocomplete supported way (in eclipse at least).
    The only issues I had so far is when i wanted to use dependencies that are not on maven central (damn u eclipse foundation)
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    @mojo2012 Maven is like most tools that try and do things for devs: when it works, it's great. But when things go even a little bit pear-shaped, it's a bitch. Unfortunately, in this instance, it's an utter nightmare.
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    @fzammetti can u post the pom? Maybe we can help u
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    @mojo2012 Maybe... let me make sure there's nothing that would be considered sensitive (my company is very anal about such things) on Monday. Thanks for the offer, much appreciated!
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    Ugh, why would a company switch to Maven in 2019 instead of Gradle. You'll come around though, don't be a monkey, automatic dependency management is amazing once you get the grip of the tool you're using.
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    @Npstr gradle is a horror imho, spaghetti code deluxe, totally inconsistent and hard to use. I never got why anyone would want to use that.
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