Google has flagged a document in my drive, saying that it is violating its terms of service.
The document is just a digital logic and computer design book.
I don't know how a book is violating its TOS?

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    Illegal copy of a book? That's probably against TOS everywhere.
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    Ducking doc scanning
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    And that's why you don't use fucking Google Drive, lol
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    > Illegal
    > Copy
    What if he fucking bought that copy
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    @kescherRant @hack @RememberMe Dear friends its a legal document, i am a monthly subscriber of scribd Inc.
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    @kescherRant You fucking don't know the reality!
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    @Jay-Kadam oh ok sorry then
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    Is the drive public facing somehow? If its not then tell them to fuck off. Copyright is about distribution. If others can't get it then you are not distributing it.
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    Incidently, what is the legal status with an Ebook ?

    Eg. a physical book you can sell it to someone else, lend it to someone, gift it to someone in your will..

    Can you legally do that with an Ebook that you also paid for ?

    I'm reminded some years ago when I legally brought some 2nd hand software off someone, with the knowing permission of the publisher.

    Who afterwards changed their T&C's so no one could legally do it again !

    Considering I was the only cheapskate to ever do that, it seemed rather a waste of their time !
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    @Nanos I assume it is the same as with a book. You can lend it free, gift it, or sell it, but not copy it or rent it. (That's why libraries charge membership fees instead of per book) I think. IANAL
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    Google automatically scanned through your personal data? No way!

    Try SpiderOak. zero-knowledge dropbox-like service that prides itself on privacy. (or was when i used it a few years ago.)
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    @retnikt This might be possible.
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    @Root Ya I'll try it
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    funny, i have several pirated docs on my gdrive and nothing got flagged.
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    You are CIA and I claim my five pounds !

    Related link:


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    @Nanos i actually didnt know that fad ever existed, you learn something every day
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    @kimailis If i share this document then no body can access it because it's flagged.
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    I love the internet for learning stuff like that.

    Like a kid in a library. :-)

    I wish wikipedia had a browse option like a book so you could just work your way from A to Z.
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