Allright, that was srsly cool!
We are doing family trips across Lithuania on weekends. This weekend we have visited a "gravity hill".

So basically here's what you do:
- drive your car down the slope, to the bottom
- stop the car. Leave at neutral
- the car itself starts moving.. UP TO THE HILL!!

I was sceptic, but ffs, it took my car less than 2 minutes to reach 25km/h from a point zero!!

I even tried once more with my engine turned off. The same thing happened :)

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    Must be a nice optical illusion with the surrounding landscape. Probably near Kruonis?
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    @Fast-Nop wiki or personal xp?

    Yeah, Kruonis. Idk man, I'm not convinced it's an optical illusion. After all it's just one of the theories. THEORIES.

    Just come ofer here, see it for yourself and then tell me you belueve it's just an illusion... Shit man, that's some mindfuck
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    If it's a U shaped slope, you see surface of the road [roofs of other cars] on an opposite slope while driving both directions. If it's a downhill you do not see any roofs. Same for uphill.

    If it's U shaped slope and you are at the bottom of it you get a mere glimpse of cars roofs going to either \ or / way.

    That Kruonis hill looks like half of U: \__
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    @netikras It's my phenomenal deduction abilities. And Google. And Wikipedia. But that's only deduction. ^^
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    @RantSomeWhere dude, I am the sceptic :) And yet I cou;dn't believe my eyes. Come and see it with your own set of eyes...

    If you know where Kaunas is - it's not far from there.


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    It's an optical illusion based on the surroundings. I've been to one in the US and it's seriously freaky.
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    I don't get this...
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    @netikras I just saw drone footage on youtube of that place and couldn't make sense of it... very interesting
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