Learning Facebook advertising is a science in itself, fFucking complicated as fuck and i am thinking to hire a marketing agency dedicated to handle this fking bullshit for me, its about mobile android/ios games, what do u guys think?..... How much money would that require to pay them?

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    How many hours daily do you think it will take them monthly? Add 8 to that number (a day to talk to you, evaluate the proposal and allocate a resource).
    Now multiply it by 30 again (salary of manager + salary of resource + taxes + monetary gain).
    This is a conservative estimate.
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    First you have to know where and to who you want to advertise.

    Let's say you pay $10 for one day of fb ads which gives you 5000 views. 10% click on it and an optimistic 4% (200) buy your game for $1 after seeing the advertisement. $200 - $10 = $190 in revenue a day. Now how much marketing budget do you need to be profitable to offset the cost of doing business and development cost to be profitable?
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    I'd say 5,000 views would give you 1 purchase based on previous experiences in others businesses I've been aware of.
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    My guestimate is $1,000 USD a month.
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    @M1sf3t you're right but it still helps to know how the formula looks like, just so you realize that 500 dollars is lower than what they're going to ask you.
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