Started working on a library to allow manipulation of bit sets. It will read in bits in 1 to 8 bit packets and tack them onto a structure that is represented by sequential bits. It will include ways to interpret the bits in 1 to 8 bits per mapping. Each mapping will be able to do logical operations on the bits. The whole point is to be able to take a stream of possibly malformed bits and try and make sense of them.

The inspiration for this is this sequence:
Yes, it is possible this data is utter bullshit, but I want the library all the same. I think it will be a fun one to write and use for digital forensics of arbitrary data.

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    @irene No, cannot treat a set of bits of arbitrary length that way. Some data appears to be less than 8 bits per grouping. Hence the need to be able to treat the bits as a stream of bits rather than making assumptions about how the data is organized.
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