Working for early-stage startup is like living with alcoholic father. Fuck lean startup mantra! Fuck any kind of bullshit about agility and business sustainability.

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    Details? What’s wrong with “lean startups” ?
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    @NoToJavaScript Minimum 50 hour weeks, for less pay, significantly higher stress, and no guarantee the company will be there next month. Also it's basically guaranteed that anything you make will be thrown out within a few months or weeks, so you write crap. But some of it will last, and what lasts will probably be the worst of it all, so there are always looming legacy issues that are squarely up to you to resolve.

    Startups are also almost always led by investors and/or sales people, and neither of these give half a flying fuck about you or anyone but themselves and/or their current potential buyer.

    Long hours.
    No satisfaction from doing your job well.
    Extremely stressful.
    Job might disappear without notice.
    And the pay is usually crap, too.

    Does that sound fun?
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    @Root There are a lot of exaggeration in your post!
    50h weeks : false. We don’t do mandatory “hackatons” or “Stay late to finish crappy PoC”. Usually at 5:30pm there is only me and another dev.
    Low pay : false (well, falsing). Currently recruiting 2 devs (front :90k, back : 80k). A developer who started with us 2 years ago at 30 is now at 50. (Junior/intermediate level)
    Driven by sales : OFCAUSE ! It’s the goal of the company. I have my word to say. If it’s n-th client asking “Do you have connection with “insert any software” ?” It’s answered by my and my answer is always “We can do it, if you pay”
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    @Root Crappy code : Unfortunately true. No time to properly manage it. Few comments. Some aberrations which should not exist. Just today saw a pull request: 3 edited files. 3 times SAMES lines of oce.
    Stressful : Yes. Because as a developer you have a responsibility of everything: from security to GDPR. Once we had the full customers list outputted in one excel file. Because a developer forgets to filter by ClientID.
    But it is also extremely rewarding. And I don’t want to return to 9-5 job where I “worked” 2/h a day and just went of reddit/forums/9gag for the rest of the day.
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    @NoToJavaScript It's a bit of an exaggeration but really not by much. Hopefully your startup continues to be better than the average 😊
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    @Root Well, when CEO is my best friend and I have shares in second position, and I’m kind of lazy in general, so yeah should be fine.
    We don’t even have due dates for developers. Blizzard ™ : It’s ready when it’s ready. (I have more and more pushback on this policy tho)
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    Since we are just starting out, we can't pay you immediately, but we PROMISE once the money rolls in and ~~only myself~~ we are rich, we'll pay you what ~~we assume~~ you're worth!
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    Isn't the whole point getting shares of the company instead and then hoping for some big arse company to acquire the startup for an ungodly amount of cash, boosting the sales price of your shares to the high heavens?
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