I helped a homeless man with a really bad foot condition down the stairs to get to the subway platform along with bringing down his wheelchair. Just his luck that the elevator was out of service. The man cried and said that he wished more people like me existed in the world but the world he knew was long gone from his grasp.

My problem with that situation was that people just ignored him and look disgusted at him....since when did we as humans lose faith in each other to the point that we ultimately care about differences, status, and appearance before anything else?

Such a sad fucking world we live in today and I had just learned that he used to be a programmer and worked at IBM back in the days (he had a really old decrepit badge too and we shared some programming woes before we got on separate trains).

Bless him and fuck everyone else who stood by and watched the poor man suffer. Those people are worse than shit, they are the scum of the Earth in my eyes.

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    heart warming. but the first thing coming to my mind though is what diseases I possibly could get infected with if I touch him.
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    @offworld not gonna lie bro but that was my first thought before the actual human but cautious side kicked in. I sanitized TF outta my hands and arms before and after so at least the disease, infection, or whatever has just a 0.01% survival rate almost the equivalent of getting 63663738 using the rand() function. Safety first, heart comes right after 👌
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    We should have Wholesome section.
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    You are a real hero. It's the little things who can have great positive impact on some weak peoples lives.
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    Heart goes out for you and the homeless dude, bro, too bad I can only give 1 ++ for this ;-;
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