Just switched twiter web to dark mode and realized devrant is a niche twitter.

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    Welcome home, brother 🙏
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    No. Just no. DevRant >> twitter
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    @coffee-dev why? Because of the niche?
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    @mundo03 No not because of the niche. That's just what they are. The new twitter Web UI sucks! Unlike reddit there is no way to use the legacy site either. Plus the ads.
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    @coffee-dev why does it suck?
    I feel I can use this UI, the old one was shit.
    Also, twitter is not niche, that is not what niche means
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    @mundo03 let me rephrase my previous comment. I don't like twitter because of the new UI which a lot of people (the majority) including me don't like. The fact that there is no option to switch back to the previous UI us even more disappointing. This was just what I meant.
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    @coffee-dev ah I see, so you seem to be part of the "it sucks because it changed" niche.
    Don't worry, statistics say you will get use to it and like it, then complain when it changes again.
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    Devrant seems to have less static noise ratio issues.
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    @enigmamachine yeah, because it is a niche
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    @mundo03 There are no retweets. There are keywords to content filter. There are upvotes more like reddit to promote a post. There are no corporate flooding shill accounts. The one that posts the most doesn’t flood the main feed unless the post quality is good. The posts don’t require an app to be so short they are incomprehensible. DevRant doesn’t have real flame wars.

    Or ya know. The niche.
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