You little fuck.......

I ask you how to get my access to some system and I get attacked with how did I dare to report issues to you my colleague was having w/o having my own acc...

This is the first time I have played the victim card in my life. Let's see how that works out.

P.S. it's a massive CORP so I expect some some wasp-nest-poked effect.

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    Will you give details only if people ask for?
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    My coleague (teammate) uses one tool for BAU tasks. Sometimes he runs into some errors - I report them to support team's Slack channel.

    I did not have access to that tool.I asked for it to be created a few months ago but my request was ignored.

    Now my coleague is about to leave and I'm supposed to take over his tasks. Obviously I need access to the tool he was using.

    I once again reach out to the folks who admin that tool asking for my acc to be created. And simply put their replies are asking me why I am wasting their time, because I used to post various issues to their channel and now I claim I do not have an acc. Like according to my previous comms I obviously have my access so I should not be trolling them with questions "how do I get access to this tool?".

    I played the victim card and asked why am I being attacked. And tagged in someone else into the conversation. After that they started claims they had created my acc months ago. 11 minutes later my access started working :)
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    @rutee07 Mostly yes. They are from there, it's just that they have moved to live and work elsewhere :)
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