Just had my first app idea request from a friend. How do I tell them I'm not interested while being sincere?

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    “Thanks for thinking about me, but I'm not really interested.”
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    "How much will you pay?"
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    Does it already exists and you just want your name on it?


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    "I'm sorry, I really don't have time, your idea sounds great, maybe you should ask X" (blame shifting in another friend you don't get allong with that well)
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    It takes a lot of time to develop an app, it doesn't magically appear out of nothing. I'm not interested enough to commit to that
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    Tell them yeah, you should learn "this, this and this" technology and I might help you make it.

    That's what I usually do, success rate 100%
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    I usually dodge these with "You know I have a fulltime job right. Besides that even if we have the application it wont sell itself and it will take a lot more to grow a product." .

    Then I proceed explaining how the company I work at had a great idea, built the application but failed to market and sell. In the meanwhile competition gained the advantage on us forcing us to quit.
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    Go into great detail of the technical process and halfway through mention cost. Works for me, I never get asked again (unless they can pay for what they need)
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