Biggest aha! moment was when i understood rust's borrowing and how much of a retarded piece of shit it was and then went back to scala yesterday

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    Ion like rust
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    I am not its biggest fan either.

    Mostly because of the syntax tho. Petty thing to dislike from my part. But still.
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    Rust is great what are you saying
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    @lamka02sk shut the fuck up or ill beat you to death
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    @tekashi care to explain why you think borrowing is a piece of shit?

    Genuinely interested.
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    @Cultist its not retarded really its just unnecessary and not really documented anywhere. Im used to having mostly immutable data and the rust docs really dont help at all.
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    @irene that was my first opinion too, a while back.

    I had this feeling of fighting against the language. Now I realy enjoy it.

    Everything I was frustrated about became must-have when I did a large non-trivial project with it.
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