I haven't created anything.

I follow(ed) many courses about programming (CodeCademy, Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera...), but haven't created anything really personal (excluding robotics) and I feel sad.

I have lots of ideas but many of them require me to learn something new (iOS dev, Fluttr, ElectronJS etc.), and I'm scared of falling in the loop of just following courses and then never finishing projects.

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    Here let me help.
    Go make a basic static website showcasing 3 different breeds of dogs you like.


    Do it now.

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    Learn stuff with the explicit intention of using it. Eg. Don't think "I need to learn C++ Programming", think "I need to write a game engine with blah blah features" and figure stuff out as you go along. Dunno about you but I legit can't sit through courses (generally), I prefer hacking away at some problem and learning stuff one Google search at a time.
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    @RememberMe THX! Will remember this!
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    @RememberMe @FlipFloop basically how I learned laravel, yet haven't learned react, which latter I've looked thousands of courses and tutorials on, yet former just threw as a new stack into a client project.
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    Start with ElectronJS. It's like creating BrowserWindow with url href pointing to some html and ability to customize its looking (width, height, fullscreen, borderless).
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