I hate it when people invent some bullshit hacker story to look cool and expect everyone here to be stupid enough to believe it. It's even more annoying when you know where those people are from and how the same people in that country don't give a fuck about anything except getting food to survive. Then you look at the profiles and it's all made-up humble brag stories about shit that never happened. Then you see a few guys calling the person out on his/her bullshit only to get their comments "hidden" later.

Sure, the police would break into your place and throw you in prison for hacking. Suuuure, some random person thought you were a hacker and would run into the police. I mean people are getting robbed in this country and no one goes to prison but SURE, SUUUUURE. Suuuuuuuure, hackerman. Hackidy-hackidy-hack. What's next, you're a schizo and you hate people? Do you have a fucking start-up now? How fucking original. What a fucking asperger, anti-social, unicorn, poseidon fuck you are. You must be really special.

Fucking hate the pretentious little fucks in this country. This is why you're all poor, deluded pieces of shit. Live in the real world. How untalented and ugly can you be to do dumb shit like this for a few upvotes? This is the same internet behavior as the losers I know in real life. Development is not all about hacking and if you really are as elite as you say you are, you wouldn't be posting all your "evil hacking stories" in the first place.

Peasants, peasants everywhere. I hate liars. I fucking hate them. What angers me the most is the fact that I do respect some of the people here and this kind of bullshit is an insult to their intelligence.

Whatever, people will lie and we can't do shit about that. I just wanted to vent. Drama-rama hackidy-hack-hack.


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    There you go, our first downvote. Who could it be? Must be the same little shits who can't be called out on their bullshit. Oh no, someone doesn't buy my story, must downvote, must hide. Fuck you.
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    holy fuck, who shit in your cheerios this morning 😂
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    @M1sf3t I found a used severed toe in my breakfast bowl. It did not make my morning brighter.
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    @rutee07 gotsta be mo careful when you get rid of the bodies
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    @M1sf3t I will listen to you from now on, greenish toe didn't taste good at all.
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    @rutee07 you know i keep telling ppl they should but for some odd reason they all just look at me like im crazy 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I felt it.

    It lacks political correctness at some points though... but who gives a fuck.

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    I hacked pentagon once! They traced it back to my neighbour. Now he's in jail for life.

    How cool am I!
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    There is good reason for understatement associations like dev rant.
    You, sir are one of em.
    Thank you for sharing your nudes.
    Real and rant likes.
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    Its the next level of someone posting a "hahaha i 1337z0r haxxeedd you n00b" post on someones myspace when they forgot to log out
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    @RemyRm can't figure if it's better or worse than this. All upside-down backwards once you get into the negative.
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    1337 hax0r coming through da megabytes 4 ch00... Leech axss
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